Shelby Barnes, LMSW, Eating Disorder Specialist

You are MORE than your eating disorder. It does not define you.

I specialize in treatment of eating disorders of all types. No two people are identical and your unique experiences are valid. I believe therapy is a stepping stone to YOUR life worth living and you are the one who decides what that means to you. People are diverse and all have different stories to tell. Their stories are beautiful in each and every way. There may be bumps in the road for which people need a helping hand to assist in guiding their way through the deep and sometimes dark treacherous road called life. I’m honored to be that helping hand for people.

In every session, I strive to offer my patients empathy for what they’re experiencing, education as to why they might be experiencing certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and motivation to move towards their goals.

What I love most about therapy is it gives me the opportunity to learn how to help people in the best manner possible. I believe clinical work is an ongoing process, therapists should never stop learning, so I continuously attend conferences to learn more skills and interventions to give the best care I can to patients. I genuinely love people, and believe it is my purpose to help others.


  • BS, Central Michigan University
  • MSW, University of Michigan


  • Teens
  • Young Adults


  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Person-Centered
"Shelby is the BEST option in Michigan for online eating disorder treatment, particularly among teens and young adults. Her training and knowledge, combined with her ability to truly connect with this population, have made her a top-rated clinician for eating disorder treatment."
"My daughter got more out of her therapy with Shelby than any other treatment program we have tried before. She's been our saving grace when we really felt stuck. Would 100% recommend Shelby to anyone. She's really excellent at what she does."
"Shelby is by far one of the most knowledgeable therapists for eating disorder treatment. It's difficult to actually find someone who is trained, passionate, and effective, but Shelby really goes above and beyond. She is an amazing person."

Therapy is all about transparency and challenging yourself to be vulnerable. I’m here to push you, challenge you and overall motivate you to talk about the inner thoughts in your complex mind that you have been holding onto for days, months or even years. Every session is YOURS and you’re in control of when you want to start your journey to recovery.

Previous patients have described me as warm, empathetic and approachable. Frequently I have been told I am a down-to-earth listener and I create a judgment-free zone. I hear the little things, the big things, and all the in-betweens because they all are equally as important to me. That one story you tell me, I’ll bring up months afterwards, the traumatic event from your childhood, I’ll remember every detail. There is no repeating with me because I listen to every word.

I genuinely care about you and all the stories you tell because every one of them is important in your journey to a life worth living. I want to be that helping hand throughout your journey and provide that listening ear, real strong feedback, and coping skills to guide you through.


  • Going on a walk with my two huskies during the day to practice mindfulness in order to care for my body and mind while preparing for the rest of my day.
  • I fuel my body with the foods I love most! 
  • I enjoy wide open spaces. I genuinely like to go hiking when I feel as though I need to retreat from my environment in order to achieve a clearer headspace. I, too, have anxiety and having this silence with nature helps me listen to my thoughts in a wise minded manner.
  • I volunteer for the National Eating Disorder Awareness campaign to advocate for education, awareness and change for those who are impacted by eating disorders.


  • I have two huskies that I love dearly, they can make a special attendance to therapy if you wish.
  • I enjoy baking for the people I love.
  • I absolutely LOVE playing soccer in my free time.
  • My partner and I enjoy going on adventures together, we went shark diving a few months ago!


  • “Your life is worth living even when pain exists.”