Pregnancy and Postpartum


Despite reading all the baby books, sometimes reality is not the fantasy you were counting on. We give you space to feel your real emotions and shift from chaos to calm.

Pregnancy and postpartum mental health are important aspects of maternal care that should be a priority for any woman experiencing this phase of life. These are crucial times when women are at a heightened risk of experiencing mental health problems. During pregnancy, women experience several emotional and physical changes, such as hormonal fluctuations, changes in body image, and anxiety about the health and wellbeing of the unborn child, which can all contribute to stress and depression.

Particularly during the time following childbirth, postpartum depression is a major mental health issue characterized by low mood, persistent sadness, and a loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed. Other symptoms of postpartum depression include feelings of worthlessness and guilt, sleep disturbances, and an increase in irritability. The symptoms can have detrimental effects on the mother, infant, and the family’s overall wellbeing.

Postpartum depression may also psychologically affect the child, contributing to feeding problems, sleeping disturbances, and an overall delay in child development. In addition, the dramatic changes that women experience in their daily routines as a new mom, the stress that accompanies caring for an infant along with increased household responsibilities, and financial pressures can all lead to persistent depressive symptoms.

At River Oaks Psychology, our therapists recognize the importance of prevention and early detection of mental health problems during pregnancy and the postpartum period. We believe seeking support from a trusted therapist during pregnancy should be a part of every woman’s treatment plan. It can help expectant mothers strengthen their confidence and self-awareness, explore their values and what motherhood means to them, improve communication with their partners, deepen their understanding of how their own mothers have impacted them, gain effective coping skills for the stress and anxieties of having a child, and more. 

Therapy can also help address any underlying issues that may contribute to depression during this time, such as past trauma or a lack of social support. With access to appropriate care and support, you can manage stress during pregnancy and have a healthy, joyful postpartum period.

Online therapy allows pregnant and new moms access support without leaving their little ones. Through compassionate listening and attention on your unique needs, we can help you breathe a little easier. Our therapists are ready when you are.

Let’s talk about what motherhood means to you.

Becoming a mom can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in life, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Thankfully, support and guidance is available from the comfort of your home. Connecting with a therapist online makes getting help now easier than ever before. We care deeply about your journey. Forget the social pressure to be a “traditional mom” and discover YOUR OWN WAY to be mom. We want to help you figure out what that looks like for you. Let’s talk about embracing your individuality and trusting yourself to follow what feels right for you and your family. It could be prioritizing self-care, adopting a particular parenting style, working full-time or being a stay-at-home mom – whatever suits you best. With us, there is no judgment.