Our Support Staff

Amy Walker

Intake Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Amy! When you’re ready to start therapy, please fill out our Get Started form and then I’ll reach out to you to talk about all the details and get you scheduled for an intake appointment. I’m truly committed to making this process as EASY as possible for you while honoring your needs in the way that you deserve. I understand that starting mental health services might elicit some nervousness or fear of the unknown. But you are taking a HUGE step toward greater wellness and I am proud of every person who begins therapy. I enjoy making the setup process easy so that you can shift from nervousness about starting services to feeling empowered and excited as you begin your journey here.

Most people say I’m warm, compassionate, and empathetic – but truthfully, I’m just being myself, and I treat each and every person the way that I would want to be treated in healthcare. At River Oaks Psychology, we take your experience here from start to finish very seriously. You matter, you’re never alone, and we really care about you.

Favorite Self-Care:  I love to find creative outlets for self-care, like, journaling, playing piano/singing, painting as well as working out and being outside, walking, hiking, running.

Fun Facts:  I grew up in Holland, Michigan, I learned to play piano by ear at age 6, I love plants, specifically, succulents, and I have a pit-bull named Jersey who is more of a cow than a dog.

Life Motto:  “The world needs who you are and what you have to offer.”

Matthew Newell, LPC

Training Specialist & Provider Support Coordinator

As the Training Specialist at River Oaks Psychology, my role is to facilitate enriching training experiences for our therapists, enabling them to advance in their professional development while refining their expertise across diverse facets of private practice therapy. I oversee our Case Discussion meetings and curate workshops that foster team collaboration and skill-building on essential therapy-related subjects. I also spearhead the initial training process for aspiring supervising clinicians, ensuring they gain the confidence and competence needed to excel in their supervisory roles. Facilitating regular group supervisor meetings throughout the year also allows for a platform for our seasoned supervisors to convene and collectively reflect on the mentoring and instruction they impart to our younger clinicians within the practice. These opportunities exemplify our unwavering commitment to our core values of excellence, continuous improvement, accountability, togetherness, and teamwork.

In my role as a Provider Support Coordinator, I engage in one-on-one meetings with individual therapists throughout the year, ensuring they receive the necessary support to thrive in their roles as therapists. This commitment is deeply rooted in River Oaks’ belief that therapists can perform at their best when their own needs are addressed. Meeting individually with therapists for regular check-ins helps therapists feel more supported and also enhances their sense of having a voice to express any concerns they may have throughout their careers. I enjoy serving as a Support Coordinator because it allows me to witness their growth, well-being, and professional fulfillment, contributing to a healthier and more effective therapeutic environment at River Oaks as a whole.

Amanda Washnock, LMSW

Provider Support Coordinator

As a Provider Support Coordinator, I have the opportunity to build deeper connections with our therapists, fostering a sense of trust, rapport, and mutual understanding that is essential for their success and the overall harmony within our team. I appreciate the diversity within our entire team, and I enjoy getting to know each of the providers individually because it enriches my perspective and understanding of different therapeutic approaches, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity fosters a vibrant and inclusive environment where we can learn from one another and continually enhance our collective expertise. Similar to therapists working with their patients, I take the approach that each therapist’s needs are unique, and it’s my role to honor these individual needs and provide them with a platform to feel empowered in their profession within our organization. Just as therapists tailor their therapeutic approaches to their patients, I tailor my support to each provider, recognizing that their success is deeply intertwined with their well-being and sense of empowerment.