River Oaks Psychology

We do online therapy differently.


Unlike the national platforms you see on television, we don't commercialize therapy or package it up as a business transaction with questionable care.

We are a Michigan-owned, mental health community of online therapists who truly go above and beyond to make telehealth feel intimate, personalized, and genuine.

We treat all types of mental health.

"I love Britni! She is very unique and you won't find any other therapists like her. She made me want to express myself more and overcome worries about what others think. She is her authentic self and really genuine."
“Compassionate and a very good listener. Kristina has a natural way of making you feel heard and understood. You can tell that she really cares about people and she’s in the right field.”
“Hasna's life experiences growing up navigating two cultures have given her a lot of empathy and understanding for anybody that is a part of an underrepresented group. She is very validating and warm."
"I can laugh with Latrice while celebrating happy moments and also cry in front of her while recovering from painful times. She makes me feel so comfortable that I can always be myself. EXCELLENT with trauma and overall a truly great person."
"Amy is SO GOOD with kids! She has all these interactive play therapy things that she does online, like virtual games and art stuff! She actually makes telehealth for kids possible and effective. It's amazing."
"For LGTBQIA+ people, it's almost impossible to find a therapist in our community who is actually great. Paul is the exception. His personal experiences make it easy to relate to him and that connection really helps to feel supported and to open up about your experiences."
"Toni is an expert in EMDR and highly passionate about helping people work through trauma. You can tell that she really loves what she does and is in the right field. Trauma is her specialty and she is extremely knowledgeable."
"Jaime has a bright personality and unique style that I quickly recognized was different from any other therapist I'd worked with previously. She possesses a rare blend of serious educational chops, plus a wisdom and intuition beyond her years.”

Get cozy in your home. No driving. No traffic. Private. HIPAA-compliant. Confidential. And no, we won't judge if you're in pajamas. We want you to be comfortable. We're here for YOU.

We want you to feel accepted, valued, seen, heard, and understood.

River Oaks Psychology

You matter. You're never alone. We care about you.