Kenzi Andrzejewski, LLMSW


Eating Disorder Specialist

You deserve to THRIVE.

It’s possible to live a life that feels authentic, purposeful, and aligned with your values. My job is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can grow, heal, and ultimately feel more balanced and in control.

I love seeing people realize their own innate power, intelligence, and ability to understand themselves through therapy. It is a complete honor to be invited into the more vulnerable parts of an individual’s life, guiding them and holding space for authenticity.  It’s truly my calling to create non-judgmental spaces for others to embrace the peaks and valleys in life, to feel comfortable being vulnerable, collaborating, communicating, building deeper bonds, and sharing a commitment to greater health and wellness. Together, we’ll identify patterns, gain insight into your thoughts and behaviors, and develop practical strategies to overcome obstacles and create positive change.

I am passionate about working with individuals who struggle with disordered eating, body image, stress, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and individuals who are looking to restore balance within their lives. In addition, I love working with individuals going through life transitions, as I firmly believe that transitions offer us a powerful opportunity to turn inward and reconnect with ourselves.

My philosophy includes a whole person approach to wellness, caring for the mind and body holistically. I strive to embrace an approach that encourages sustainability and balance, in order to build resilience. Together, we will make every effort to dive deep to uncover the root of your struggles, and what is keeping you stuck.

During our sessions, you can expect reliable, genuine, empathetic, and attentive care. I understand that seeking therapy requires courage and vulnerability, and I want to honor and respect that throughout our journey. By fostering a therapeutic alliance built on trust and mutual respect, we can build a strong foundation for growth and healing.


  • BSW, Oakland University
  • MSW, Michigan State University


  • Teens
  • Adults


  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
    • Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach
    • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Strengths-based therapy
"Kenzi really is in the field for the right reasons! She is incredibly passionate about helping others through challenging times. Very sweet to talk to."
"Excellent with Eating Disorder treatment! Kenzi has a unique blend of skills and certifications. But most importantly, she is relatable and connects well with teens and young adults, especially females."
“Kenzi cares about empowering you. She has a heart of gold. It feels easy to talk with her and you kind of feel like you've known her forever."

Through therapy, we can gain an understanding of how our thoughts, emotions, physical well-being, and life circumstances interact to create our experiences. In each session, I offer patients empathy, education, and encouragement to progress towards their goals. 

Therapy is more about getting curious about our patterns, and less about labels. It can help give yourself permission to talk about things you might not have ever thought about or given time to uncover, which is a major step in taking care of yourself. Therapy offers clarity, coping skills, insight, and new perspectives when we experience emotions and thoughts that may feel confusing. It is a safe space to discover more about ourselves and commit to choices that will enrich our lives. 

The more you share, the more effective therapy tends to be. I want patients to know that in our sessions, you are in the driver’s seat. I will be in the passenger seat and help guide you, but it is your goals that we work toward.

I love being able to help people unlock their own inner wisdom. Once you can reconnect to your most authentic self without the noise of daily stressors or anxieties, you develop an empowered sense of self that fosters resiliency. I center our sessions on presence and intuition, while utilizing methods that are strength-based and solution-focused in order to help people achieve their goals. 

No matter where you are in your healing journey, I would be honored to meet you. 


  • I love to go for long walks in nature! I prefer the beach or ocean and I am a firm believer in #bluemindtheory.
  • Trying out new coffee shops/cafes on the weekends.
  • Swimming in lakes or the ocean, getting fresh air, and reading.


  • I love baking and cooking new recipes, and making them look pretty!
  • I enjoy playing tennis and pickleball!
  • I love animals, I have a pet dog and frequently visit local farms.


  • Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.
  • Trust the magic of new beginnings.
  • Direction is so much more important than speed.