Infertility and Loss


Few people understand the devastation of infertility and pregnancy loss. It can tear your soul apart, but through time and gentle support, you can find meaning in life again.

Infertility and pregnancy loss are both significantly traumatic experiences that have a profound impact on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. It can leave people feeling immeasurable sadness, angerfrustration, and hopelessness. It may be difficult to connect with others or engage in everyday activities. Many people also experience feelings of isolation or shame, as they may feel like they failed to live up to societal or personal expectations regarding parenthood.

Grief will inevitably be a part of your infertility journey. Especially for those who have gone through miscarriages, grieving each and every loss is an integral part of the process toward healing and recovery. One of the most difficult aspects of this journey is that month after month, cycle after cycle, treatment after treatment, repeated losses compound and feelings of grief can become more and more overwhelming. Periodic times of high hopefulness are sometimes met with devastating losses all over again. It results in an emotional rollercoaster of getting excited and hopeful and then brought down into deep despair again.

Further, the stress of medical treatments and expenses can take a huge toll on mental health. It can feel like information-overload as you learn about your options and make huge decisions about parenthood. Infertility can also negatively impact relationships, causing strain and conflict between partners or with friends and family members who have had successful pregnancies. Many people fail to recognize the severity of infertility trauma or may even dismiss the pain and suffering of those who have experienced miscarriages. There is no easy solution to the pain and suffering associated with infertility and pregnancy loss, but having a safe, confidential space to process your experiences is often helpful for making progress toward healing.

We are dedicated to helping you through infertility-related trauma, uncertainty, grief, and decision-making. Through all the ups and downs, we offer compassionate listening, coping tools, and space for you to find a way forward.

It’s possible to rise out of the darkness.

Through online therapy, we can help you explore infertility trauma, recover from loss, gain clarity on your decisions, and manage difficult parenthood goals from the comfort of your home. You deserve the time and space to process the pain and receive gentle guidance to manage the emotional triggers connected to infertility, such as sadness, guilt, anger, or shame. Therapists can introduce self-care tools, such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and stress management practices, to help you achieve inner peace through this time and regain your sense of control. Each and every person’s journey will be unique. We want to hear your authentic story and meet your individualized needs.