Heidi Bechtel, LLMSW


Discover your truth!

Understanding the connection to ourselves, our environment, and others is the foundation to feeling positive and engaged in life. When we are attuned to our own thoughts, emotions, and needs, we can navigate the world with greater clarity and purpose.

In therapy with me, you can expect authenticity, validation, safety and support. I believe in creating a space where you can truly feel comfortable being your complete self, without any judgment. I am committed to developing a strong therapeutic alliance, built on trust, respect, and understanding. Together, we will work towards exploring challenges, gaining clarity, and developing strategies to navigate life’s complexities.

My approach is grounded in empowerment as I believe it’s critical to validate the realities of being human, and encourage people to let the energy of their emotions move through them vs resisting pain. I try to reflect back on what I see and witness in someone so that they can know themselves better and feel more empowered over their experiences. I also curiously approach thoughts and beliefs and see if there are alternative ways to see a situation that are more liberating and true for you. By challenging and reframing limiting beliefs, we can uncover new possibilities and perspectives that resonate more authentically with who you are. Through this process, you will have the opportunity to expand your understanding, enhance self-compassion, and discover empowering narratives that support your growth and well-being.

I also believe our bodies hold a lot of wisdom that helps us learn to trust ourselves and become more intrinsically connected and secure, and that learning to be more aware and mindful can increase clarity and allow us to accept or make choices to move beyond difficult circumstances and realities. Whether it’s through fostering resilience, building coping strategies, or discovering new paths forward, I am committed to assisting you in finding ways to navigate challenges and make choices that empower you. 


  • BA, Eastern Michigan University
  • MSW, Eastern Michigan University


  • Young Adults
  • Adults


  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Strengths-based therapy
"Heidi is highly authentic! She doesn't paint a picture of perfection or pretend to be someone she's not. Instead, she is down to earth, genuine, easy to talk to, and truly a warm person. She's HUMAN, and this makes her relatable in therapy."
"Very social justice oriented and knowledgeable about the complex and intersectional challenges that marginalized or underrepresented populations face. Heidi truly understands how to be trauma- and systems-informed."
“Phenomenal with empowerment work. I would recommend Heidi to anyone who is exploring issues of trauma, codependence, attachment, relationships, life transitions and underlying anxiety/depression."

I have always had the brain of a social scientist and wanted to understand thoughts and behaviors among other people. Growing up homeschooled, I remember taking a home-study class for counseling on my own when I was in my early teens. Learning about the intricacies of counseling and understanding how to support others through their challenges truly captivated me.  The idea of listening actively, providing empathetic support, and helping people navigate their emotions and thoughts drove me toward a strong sense of purpose and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

I approach my work with others by highlighting strengths, assessing challenges, and finding areas where you can gain more personal empowerment and freedom to pursue your goals. I find that if I put myself in someone else’s shoes and try to see things from their perspective, it makes the whole process so much more meaningful. It’s like stepping into their world for a bit and truly working to understand their experiences and emotions. 

We all need a witness to our experience and to have someone in our lives who can hold space for our full humanity in order to experience ourselves and feel whole. Safely talking with a therapist can help untangle our jumbled thoughts and process our anxieties in a way that makes them more manageable. It would be an absolute honor for me to join you on your journey towards growth, healing, and self-discovery as your therapist.


Swimming in my favorite lakes (love a good cold-water plunge, shout out to Wim Hoff!), naps/rest, foraging/connecting to my primal nature, dance/yoga/pilates, visiting coffee shops and health food stores, deep connection with friends, farm animals and gardening (it’s hard but rewarding!).


  • I was homeschooled.

  • It took me 14 years to complete college,.

  • I have a pet rat.


“When there’s no story, there’s no suffering” -Byron Katie.  Most of our anxieties and fears are stories we tell ourselves vs. what we’re actually experiencing in the moment.