What happens next?

1. If Using Insurance, We'll Try to Get an Estimate of Your Coverage

If using health insurance, we will call your insurance to verify that your coverage is active and we'll try to get an estimate of what your insurance will pay for. In the meantime, we also urge you to contact your insurance directly to find out your coverage details to confirm that we both are being provided the same information from your insurance. We will submit claims to your insurance on your behalf and we must abide by the outcome of the claims. Therefore, it’s important that you understand your coverage.

2. We'll Schedule You + Send You Paperwork

Once you feel comfortable with your financial responsibility, we'll schedule your telehealth appointment with a therapist who fits your needs, preferences, and availability. We'll also email you instructions for completing your intake paperwork online in your client portal. You must complete it at least 24 hours before your appointment otherwise we will have to postpone your appointment because it’s a legal requirement to have that paperwork completed and our providers need time to review your paperwork.

3. You Will Meet Your Therapist

If your paperwork has been completed on time, you will meet with your therapist. This is an exciting step forward and it is completely normal to have a mix of emotions! You should view the first appointment as an opportunity to openly share concerns, identify goals, build rapport with each other, and figure out if you feel comfortable with this professional. You are NOT required to proceed to further appointments if something doesn't feel right. Your comfort is most important! Please let us know if you would like to try a different therapist, no questions asked.