What Are Panic Attacks and How Can We Cope With Them?

By Lauren Presutti Let’s talk about panic attacks. Have you ever felt like your heart is pounding so fast that it’s hard to breathe? Or maybe you quickly felt dizzy or lighthearted as your anxiety suddenly skyrocketed. Maybe you even felt like you were dying in the moment. Your body likely began sweating as adrenaline […]

How to Survive the Holidays and Keep Yourself Grounded

By Lauren Presutti The holiday season brings a lot of excitement with gift shopping, preparing family recipes, enjoying bright lights and decorations, and spreading love among each other in numerous ways. But for some people, the holidays can also bring feelings of grief, overwhelm, anxiety, or general feelings of chaos that make us feel overwhelmed […]

Learning to Trust Yourself Matters More Than You Think

By Lauren Presutti Trust is a concept we often only think about in relation to other people. You probably understand the importance of trusting others in committed relationships. You may have had to learn how to rebuild trust with someone who previously broke your trust. Or you may have experienced a time when you had […]

How to Set Boundaries for Better Mental Health and Self-Care

By Lauren Presutti Do you ever find yourself consumed by the needs of other people? Do you ever sacrifice your own needs to show up for someone else? Or have you ever felt socially drained or overextended when you are supposed to be enjoying time with people? It’s important to remember our reasons for engaging […]

How to Make Healthy Decisions to Maintain Control in Your Life

By Lauren Presutti Life is full of choices. Whether we like it or not, we all have to spend time and energy figuring out how to navigate things like our education, employment, relationships, housing, budgeting, family, parenting, hobbies, travel, and more. Simultaneously, we are constantly forming our values, beliefs, and opinions that may vary drastically […]

Here’s Why Being Highly Sensitive Might Be Your Greatest Strength

By Lauren Presutti Through online blogs and in the academic literature, you may have come across the label “highly sensitive person.” Individual qualities can vary a great deal depending on a person’s environment, mood, or emotions, so sometimes I struggle with the binary implications of this term. Can we really say that people are simply […]

Create Time for Self-Care to Be the Best Version of Yourself

By Lauren Presutti In this day and age, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with pandemic updates, political divides, heartbreaking news coverage, and economic changes. Feeling stressed and mentally drained has almost become a “new normal” for many people struggling to navigate social and systemic challenges on a daily basis. With mental health concerns rising […]

The Importance of Sleep and its Impact on Mental Health

By Lauren Presutti Diet, exercise, and sleep are basic needs that have surprisingly huge impacts on your mental health. We all navigate the world differently and our perceptions of mental health and wellness may vary drastically, but nonetheless we all have to attend to our basic needs regardless of our differences. In my work with […]

The Power of Movement: Using Exercise to Improve Your Mental Health

By Lauren Presutti Maintaining positive mental health requires adopting different coping strategies, discovering the ones that work well for you and throwing out the ones that don’t. We all have unique lifestyles, preferences, and characteristics – everyone’s mental health journey will be different – but nonetheless, we all have basic needs of diet, exercise, and […]

Healthy Eating Habits to Improve Your Mental Health

By Lauren Presutti Taking care of our mental health can involve a myriad of different strategies and finding the specific ones that work well for us is critical. With so many options for fostering wellness – from talk therapy, recreation therapy, support groups, time spent in nature, a focus on journaling, medication, a plan for […]

Why Spring is the Best Season for Happiness

By Lauren Presutti Say goodbye to winter coats and hello to short sleeves… spring has arrived! It’s never quite official in Michigan until the temperatures appear consistently warmer, but it seems we are now at that point where we trust Mother Nature to keep the sunshine around for hopefully more days than not. We are […]

What Does Self-Care Actually Mean?

By Lauren Presutti Your laundry basket is overflowing, you don’t have a clue what’s for dinner, your kids are fighting over the remote, and you’re wondering how to get grape juice stains out of carpet. Then your phone lights up and you see a new article posted on self-care with pictures of bubble baths, candles, […]

Embracing Boredom to Enhance Problem-Solving

By Lauren Presutti Outside of my work in therapy sessions, my mind is usually racing – ideas spill out of my brain and pile up until I have a whole mountain of things to do. I’m a dreamer who likes to think creatively and imaginatively and sometimes I forget to pace myself. My mind says, go […]

Winter Blues or Seasonal Depression? How to Know the Difference and How to Cope

By Lauren Presutti Surviving winter means dealing with snow, cold temperatures, dreary skies, and greater isolation. Many people struggle with winter boredom, missing their regular spring/summer/fall outdoor activities, such as bike riding or running. Some people struggle with anxiety on icy roads, strong winds, wearing multiple layers, or the situational events in the winter season, […]

Things to Know About People With Disabilities

By Lauren Presutti Here’s something to chew on. This should be basic common sense: – Stop shielding your children away from understanding disabilities by Sshhh-ing them in public. Let them stare and encourage them to ask the disabled person their questions. Normalize it. Teaching them to shy away is not helping anyone. – I’m disabled. […]

Healthy Tips and Strategies for Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

By Lauren Presutti We are a couple weeks into January 2021… how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Are you still riding the wave of motivation that came with the fresh start to 2021? Or has it been a slow process? What are you noticing about your energy and ability to maintain consistency? Perhaps one […]

Why We Should Reflect on 2020 as an Accomplishment

By Lauren Presutti Let’s be honest. 2020 was painful and exhausting in many ways. You might have used the pandemic as an opportunity to renovate your home or master cooking foreign cuisine, but if all you did was survive in 2020 (like most of us), that is perfectly okay. We experienced a global pandemic (and […]

How to Manage Social Anxiety and Pressure When Discussing COVID-19 Holiday Plans

By Lauren Presutti You are staring at that unanswered text. That missed call notification. The voicemail from your extended relative who believes the pandemic is a hoax. Your anxiety surges and you agonize over how to communicate your decision to skip social events this holiday season. You want to own your decisions, but the social […]

Real Strategies For Coping With The COVID-19 Holiday Season

By Lauren Presutti Everything feels exhausting and we’re sick of the pandemic, but there’s no need to be a Grinch this holiday season. Below are some strategies that will actually help you cope in healthy ways. First, let go of the things you can’t control. What We Can’t Control How long this pandemic will last. […]

Why Acknowledging Our COVID-19 Holiday Grief Is Important

By Lauren Presutti The holiday season brings a lot of excitement with gift shopping, preparing family recipes, enjoying bright lights and decorations, and spreading love among each other in numerous ways. But for some people, the holidays can also bring feelings of grief, loneliness, difficult memories from the past, or general feelings of chaos that […]

How Gratitude Can Help Us Through Pandemic Fatigue this Thanksgiving

By Lauren Presutti If you’re feeling tired of the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, you are not alone. Many of us are experiencing pandemic fatigue in one way or another. With the holidays coming up, we are once again grieving the loss of normalcy in 2020. Our holiday plans will likely look different this year. In just […]

30 Ideas For Fall-Themed Self-Care Activities

By Lauren Presutti It’s time for warm drinks, cozy sweaters, abundance of blankets, crisp air, and rustling leaves. For many people, the fall season is a strange combination of comfort and discomfort. We enjoy embracing the fall colors, snuggling close to a fireplace, reflecting on summer, and maybe enjoying a pumpkin spice coffee. But as […]

8 Things Every Parent Must Know for COVID-19 Back-to-School

By Lauren Presutti Backpacks, books, pencils, and masks… This back-to-school season is going to look a little differently. While each school district may be unique in how they prepare for classes to resume, there are many things that parents can do to support their K-12 children during this unprecedented school year. Below are some strategies […]

True Anti-Racist Allyship Is Not Just Talking or Trying or Hoping

By Lauren Presutti To the members of my White community: This is a time of devastating racial injustice. Like many of you, I’m struggling to find the words to describe what is happening in our country. But perhaps the greatest part of this devastation is knowing the current events in our country are not isolated […]