Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services Healthy body. Healthy mind. At River Oaks Psychology, we understand the relationship between our mental health and our eating patterns. It’s complex, commonly misunderstood, and unfortunately not always addressed in one’s treatment journey. Ignoring how our mental health and nutrition are influencing one another can be a barrier to long-term wellness.  We are […]

Counseling for Families

Counseling for Families Family time shouldn’t be stressful. Let’s talk about resolving conflicts and growing closer together. Contrary to popular belief, family therapy is not only for “dysfunctional” family problems. The truth is that ANY family can benefit from expressing experiences in a safe space. Maybe your family is experiencing a divorce. Maybe your family […]

Counseling for Couples

Counseling for Couples Your relationship isn’t over. Let’s talk about rebuilding trust and intimacy to strengthen your bond. It’s time to stop getting your relationship advice from Buzzfeed. If you want real strategies that actually work for restoring trust, deepening intimacy, and building confidence with your partner, you might be ready for couples therapy. This […]

Counseling for Adults

Counseling for Adults Life is hard enough. Don’t do it alone. You’re exhausted. You’re tired of faking it. You just need space. You’re feeling stuck. And maybe a little unsure about beginning therapy. We get it. We’ve been there. We all have shit to figure out. In a world where it seems like everyone else […]

Counseling for Teens

Counseling for Teens Teenage life is a wild ride. We help teens navigate through the tough moments and confidently stay on track. The teenage years are a time of rapid growth, exploration, development, and identity formation. Constantly exposed to evolving friendships, school influences, media sources, activities, sports, and diverse perspectives from people around them, teenagers […]

Counseling for Kids

Counseling for Kids Kids deserve to grow up to be healthy, confident, thriving adults. Growing up isn’t easy. In childhood, emotions can run high and children don’t always have the skills to articulate what they are feeling. Regulating emotions and understanding why they think and feel the way they do is often challenging for kids. […]