Heidi Bechtel

Heidi Bechtel, LLMSW Email Heidi Browse More Therapists Discover your truth Understanding the connection to ourselves, our environment, and others is the foundation to feeling

Kayla Wayntraub

Kayla Wayntraub, LMSW Email Kayla Browse More Therapists You deserve to feel better. Life’s challenges can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves.

Natalia Barna

Natalia Barna, LMSW Email Natalia Browse More Therapists You are always enough and NEVER too much. There is no one like you. We need you

Kelly Loveless

Kelly Loveless, LLMSW Email Kelly Browse More Therapists It’s OK to not be okay. Each and every person has extraordinary strengths, talents, and skills that

Jaime Cordell

Jaime Cordell, LMSW Email Jaime Browse More Therapists Hi there, I’m Jaime! I want to help you feel seen and heard. As a therapist, I

Anti’Shay Thurman

Anti’Shay Thurman, LLMSW Email Anti’Shay Browse More Therapists I want you to feel completely comfortable. Being a therapist allows me to support people in working

Hasna Kazi

Hasna Kazi, LLMSW Email Hasna Browse More Therapists Therapy is your space to feel authentic. I grew up with immigrant parents, learning to navigate the

Britni Burton

Britni Burton, LPC Email Britni Browse More Therapists You matter to me. I’m with you all the way. Growing up, I was always the listener, caretaker,

Jacqueline McCormick

Jacqueline McCormick, LLPC Email Jacqueline Browse More Therapists You are worthy of being valued, heard, and supported. By creating a relationship of trust and genuine

Goldie Polter

Goldie Polter, LLMSW, EMDR Therapist Email Goldie Browse More Therapists You always have a place here. Sometimes we feel a little lost in the world,

Kristina Kukla

Kristina Kukla, LLMSW Email Kristina Browse More Therapists Your story matters. Everyone has a story to tell. We all need someone who will listen without

Laurel Blume

Laurel Blume, LPC Email Laurel Browse More Therapists We’re in this together. I want to help you feel EMPOWERED. Sometimes we feel stuck and need

Latrice Robbins

Latrice Robbins, LLMSW Email Latrice Browse More Therapists You deserve to heal. I want to be a safe person for you to trust and feel

Christina Negrete

Christina Negrete, MPH, RDN, CDN Email Christina Nutrition Services Why See a Dietitian? Reclaim food freedom and body liberation… because EVERY body is worthy. I

Amy Doherty

Amy Doherty, LMSW Email Amy Browse More Therapists Hope is possible! It takes a lot of strength and courage to take the first few steps

Ross Herner

Ross Herner, LLMSW Email Ross Browse More Therapists You deserve to feel supported. Early in my life, I discovered that helping others was my calling.

Shelby Barnes

Shelby Barnes, LMSW, Eating Disorder Specialist Email Shelby Browse More Therapists You are MORE than your eating disorder. It does not define you. I specialize

Toni Culcasi

Toni Culcasi, LPC, EMDR Therapist Email Toni Browse More Therapists Don’t carry your struggles alone. I’m here to walk through the waters with you. Each time

Paul Wierzbicki

Paul Wierzbicki, LLMSW Email Paul Browse More Therapists Your life matters. Therapy can save lives. Not only in a suicide-prevention sense, but therapy can also

Eileen Goff

Eileen Goff, LLPC Email Eileen Browse More Therapists If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. My favorite thing in the world is to

Amanda Washnock

Amanda Washnock, LMSW Email Amanda Browse More Therapists You’re in control. Therapy with me means you’re in the driver’s seat. Healing often comes from a

Vince Carter

Vince Carter, LMSW Email Vince Browse More Therapists Specializes in Men’s Mental Health When a man needs to fix a car, he finds the right

Matthew Newell

Matthew Newell, LPC Email Matthew Browse More Therapists Let’s talk about reclaiming your empowerment. You deserve to feel in control. I realized at a young

Lisa Mathis

Lisa Mathis, LMSW Email Lisa Browse More Therapists You are the master of your domain. I’m here to walk alongside you. I view myself as

Tammie Richards

Tammie Richards, LMSW Email Tammie Browse More Therapists You have a voice and you deserve to live a life of empowerment. I became a therapist

Becca Peterson

Becca Peterson, LMSW Email Becca Browse More Therapists Feeling stuck? Let’s talk. You’re not alone. I am an attentive listener. I truly care about each