Therapy for Borderline Personality You are loved. You deserve to feel safe, validated, and connected. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST We want to help you build authentic relationships. For people living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), building genuine, intimate relationships that allow for safety and true authenticity can be a challenge. Many people with BPD […]


Therapy for Bipolar Disorder You deserve to find balance. Let us help you restore equilibrium. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST You are not your diagnosis. You are a complete person.  Like a rollercoaster, bipolar disorder can be scary, especially the first time you experience it. Sometimes you’re on top of the world. Other times you’re […]


Therapy for ADHD We want to help you reach your full potential.  GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST ADHD is often frustrating. We get it. You have goals, drive, and energy, but struggles with organization can make follow-through difficult. You want to show up for your friends and family, but time-management is not easy. You have lots […]


Therapy for OCD You deserve relief from unwanted, intrusive thoughts. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST It’s not just a quirk or little annoyance.  There are plenty of things that bother us for really no logical reason at all. Maybe you like to color-code your closet or clear out your phone notifications. Or maybe you like […]

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment Yes, you CAN reach long-lasting recovery. Let’s talk about it. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST It’s about so much more than food. Shame, trauma, perfectionism, fears, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, neglect, unavailable or inconsistent emotional nourishment, and more can leave many people stuck in unhealthy eating patterns. Disordered food relationship […]


Therapy for Anger Don’t let anger take the wheel. We can help you reclaim control. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST Anger might feel like… A hurricane that breaks wherever pain is present. Boiling blood rushing through your veins. Unleashed resentment, rage, and disgust. A storm lashing out furiously, brutally crushing your balance. So. Much. Heat. […]

Substance Use

Therapy for Substance Use Disorder Getting sober is possible with the right support and resources. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST It’s a disease. It’s not your fault. We can help. It might feel like the craving for more never settles. There is a physiological change in the brain’s structure and function that literally drives you to consume […]


Therapy for Grief We all grieve in our own way. But you don’t have to do it alone.  GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST It will never be the same, but you can find meaning in life again. It can be really hard to describe grieving. It is one of the most complex, most painful human experiences […]


Therapy for Trauma Recovery Your trauma is valid. Give yourself permission to heal.  GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST Your trauma was never your fault. What happened will never be okay. You didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t your fault. You needed someone to protect you. You needed a different experience. You needed love and nurturing and safety. […]


Therapy for Depression Let us help you reignite the light within you. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST Depression might feel like… Drowning. You tread water for a long time but you’re exhausted. You sink below the surface, hold your breath for as long as you can, but you’re trapped under deep waters. The sea is […]


Therapy for Stress Life is full of stress. But we’re here to help you manage it.   GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST Stress might feel like… Carrying a heavy backpack. We all have some items to carry, but sometimes life shoves more and more items in. Family Stress. Life Transitions. Relationships. School. Work. Sports. Finances. Holidays. Disappointments […]


Therapy for Anxiety Our experienced team will help you slow down and breathe easier. GET STARTED FIND A THERAPIST Anxiety might feel like… A thousand bumblebees swirling around you at all times. The constant buzzing of unsteadiness, nervousness, fearfulness, a whirlwind of emotions that extend far beyond mere worrying. Like 80s television static, super intense […]