Our Support Staff

Our Support Staff Amy Walker Intake Coordinator Hi there, I’m Amy! When you’re ready to start therapy, please fill out our Get Started form and then I’ll

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision MISSION River Oaks Psychology is a digital mental health company providing online therapy services for kids, teens, adults, families, and couples

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Practices to Protect the Privacy of Your Health Information This Notice of Privacy Practices describes how River Oaks Psychology may


Emergencies Your Safety is Our Priority River Oaks Psychology is NOT an emergency responder.   As a general rule, our telehealth services are not appropriate for those

General Policies

General Policies Overview These general policies below serve as a guide for both our patients and therapists to establish mutual understanding and a positive therapeutic


Confidentiality Overview Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of therapy, and we prioritize the protection of your personal information and privacy. As therapists, we are legally

Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations and No-Shows Overview Appointments are scheduled in advance at times reserved exclusively for our patients. Our goal is to provide you with the best

Payment Process

Payment Process Overview We understand that navigating the financial aspect of therapy can sometimes be challenging. In order to ensure transparency and provide the highest

Insurance Responsibility

Insurance Responsibility Overview At River Oaks Psychology, we strive to provide a smooth experience when it comes to navigating the complexities of insurance coverage. Our

How Telehealth Works

How Telehealth Works Overview Telehealth allows individuals to access therapy sessions remotely, without the need for in-person appointments. With telehealth, therapy becomes more accessible and

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Our Services How do I start therapy? Starting therapy is easy. Simply submit this form online, or you can give us a

Our Core Values

Our Core Values We have high expectations for ourselves and each other. Our values guide everything that we do. We don’t just talk about them.

Why Online Therapy?

Why Online Therapy? We love online therapy for MANY reasons, and we think you will, too! Early in our development, we recognized the transformative potential

Benefits of Therapy

Benefits of Therapy There are MANY benefits of mental health therapy! Therapy is a sacred space. It’s unlike anything else. It’s the one area of

About the Founder

About the Founder You’re not alone. I built River Oaks Psychology because I don’t want ANYONE to ever feel alone. My mission is to create

Our Pledge to Patients

Our Pledge to Patients We take our pledge very seriously. Every person who joins us is treated with compassion, respect, and empathy. We want you

Our Terminology

Our Terminology At River Oaks Psychology, you matter to us. Your personal identity is extremely important. We are accepting of all identities, genders, sexualities, abilities,