Becca Peterson, LMSW


Feeling stuck?

Let's talk. You're not alone.

I am an attentive listener. I truly care about each and every person. I will be your shoulder to cry on, your biggest cheerleader, I can laugh with you, and I will always support you whenever you need.

Life can be pretty complicated. Everyone needs a safe person they can tell their deepest, darkest secrets to without any judgement. I work to truly establish a warm, welcoming, confidential space so you can be comfortable expressing anything on your mind. With me, we will go at your pace because I consider you to be the expert on your own life. Some people think of therapy as something where a professional is telling someone what to do, but that’s actually NOT at all what therapy is or should be! I believe therapy is a safe space where people can work on healing, with the gentle support of a professional to help guide you along the way, but ultimately following your lead. 

Where should we start? That’s my question for you. I’m available for all the ups and downs. Sometimes we talk about tough times in therapy but other times we celebrate all the good things happening for you! There is a mix of both. Your feelings and experiences are valid, no matter what they are. 


  • Bachelor of Social Work, Oakland University
  • Master of Social Work, Michigan State University


  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families


  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Family Systems
  • Psychodynamic
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
"As a leader in the social work field, Becca sees people for who they are in the context of their whole life environment. She never makes assumptions about anyone or their unique experiences."
"One of the things that we love most about Becca is how truly dedicated she is to viewing each person as their own expert on their authentic experiences. Becca believes that she works for YOU. She is truly your teammate."
"Kids and parents love Becca. There aren't many people like her in this field. She's excellent with kids and includes parents in the therapy process as well. She really understands family dynamics."

I try to keep my sessions as relaxed as possible. I often tell my clients they are driving the bus and I am along for the ride, only to provide support, honesty, encouragement, and directions if they ask. Most importantly, your sessions are about YOU!  

I will never pretend I know what one is going through, but I will support my clients in whatever way is necessary. I truly value everyone as an individual. Everyone has their own story that I believe should be told. When we talk about our experiences, we are able to develop a stronger understanding of ourselves and a deeper ability to reflect on how we are emotionally experiencing life. This allows us to be more connected with our values and beliefs. It also helps us strengthen our relationships with others. Increasing our self-awareness can even help us to clarify our goals and work toward building the life of our dreams. On the other hand, when we suppress how we feel or hide our experiences, we begin to feel disconnected with ourselves and that can lead to worsening mental health symptoms. 

I want you to know that I am wholeheartedly excited to begin this journey with you. Beginning therapy is often a transformative journey. There will likely be moments where you discover new things about yourself and new realizations that you may have not considered before. I would be honored to walk alongside your journey and be a comforting, non-judgmental person that helps you achieve all of your wellness goals.  


My self-care is spending time with my family, (husband and 2 boys), we love being outside. I love being by water, lake, ocean, pool, it doesn’t matter I could sit outside by a body of water all day, every day. I try to engage in some form of physical activity daily, I always feel better if I have started my day with a workout. I try as much as I can when I am stressed to draw, paint, or create in some way.


  • Growing up, I was very shy… so shy I didn’t talk to my aunt that lived down the street from me, I would not order my own food at a restaurant, or call to make appointments. I now talk for a living!
  • I love reality TV and anything to do with true crime.
  • I am very right-brained. I love art, being creative, music, and dancing.
  • I love the magic of Christmas, the decorations and being able to spoil those around me.
  • I am currently collaborating with my sister-in-law on a children’s book.


  • It’s not about the mistakes you have made, it’s about learning from them.
  • Do what makes you happy.