Anti'Shay Thurman, LLMSW


I want you to feel completely comfortable.

Therapy should be a space where you feel safe to unravel the layers of your experiences, confront challenges, and explore the depths of your emotions. It’s a sanctuary where vulnerability is embraced and growth is nurtured.

Being a therapist allows me to support people in working through challenges and building the skills you need for the future. I care about people and truly want the best for everyone. My heart will not allow me to do anything else. I love that I get to be there for people when they need it the most. I value and appreciate the opportunity and the privilege that I have to work with people in their most vulnerable moments and see them blossom and grow with each session. I want you to know that you are never alone and I will always be here to work through all the ups and downs of life together with you. 

My approach to therapy is to build a genuine connection first. It’s so important to me that you feel completely comfortable in our work together. I truly consider it an honor to build a safe environment where you can fully, authentically express yourself. One of the most important parts of therapy is to have a strong, trusting relationship with your therapist and I take this very seriously because I want you to feel completely accepted and supported by me. We will go at your pace and make the process as comfortable as possible for you. 

My main goal is to support you on your journey to being successful, empowered, and fulfilled in your mental health journey. I want you to feel capable of healing, to be centered, and to feel secure in your mental health. Together, we can authentically examine your unique experiences and patterns so that you can overcome challenges and move toward a stronger sense of wellness.


  • BA, University of Michigan
  • MSW, University of Michigan


  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Person-Centered
  • Strengths-Based
"Anti'Shay really cares about helping people. She's very good with problem-solving and making it seem possible when everything else seems overwhelming. She takes the time to get to know you and makes the experience unique for each person."
"Starting therapy can be nerve-racking but Anti'Shay is very easy to talk to, she is relaxed and easy-going, it's not hard to open up during sessions with her and she doesn't judge anybody. I would recommend her!"
"Anti'Shay is a great therapist for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship, just feeling stuck, stress management, and when you need someone to talk to. She's incredibly kind and patient as a person, I feel like she is helping a lot."

Many of us struggle with self-doubt, criticism, unresolved traumas, broken relationships, and wounds from the past. You are not alone. I want to recognize the very real pain that you are experiencing while also carrying hope and strength as we work together toward long-term wellness.

Through my experiences, I have found that people find wellness when they commit themselves to taking a deeper look inside themselves. This can be hard work, but it is profoundly worthwhile. Learning who you truly are as a person, what life events played a role in how you move through life, and what you want your life to be is pivotal. Wellness also comes when you listen to your body and treat it with kindness for all that it does for you. It’s so important to practice self-compassion, which is not always easy, but it can be a transformative learning process.

I would be honored to meet you, collaboratively create goals together, and build a trusting relationship so that we can discover what helps you the most. No two journeys are the same. I want to truly get to know you and listen to your unique feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Through this process, I will consider you to be the expert on your own life. I will never make assumptions nor pass any judgment. My role is to support you unconditionally and give you the space to truly find freedom and fulfillment


  • For self-care, I really enjoy doing my hair and nails and relaxing to some YouTube videos. To fill my cup, I take time alone, get out for walks, exercise or break bread with people I love.


  • I don’t like anything orange flavored but I love oranges and orange juice.
  • I am right handed but play sports with my left hand and taught myself to write with my left hand when I was young.
  • I love to watch thrillers and suspense shows/movies.
  • I love music! Singing and dancing are always happening in my home.


  • Never go to bed angry.
  • Treat people with kindness.
  • Accept help. Even the strongest people need support.
  • “She remembered who she was, and the game changed.” – unknown