A Simple Reminder for ALL Relationships This Mother’s Day

By Lauren Presutti


To Those on Mother’s Day:


To the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers


To the children celebrating with their mothers

To the mothers celebrating with their children

To the mothers and children who cannot be together


To the children who have lost their mothers

To the mothers who have lost their children


To the single mothers

To the working mothers

To the brand-new mothers

To the step-mothers

To the adoptive mothers

To the foster mothers

To the pseudo-mothers

To the mothers who did not expect to be mothers

To the mothers who don’t know their children

To the fathers who have to be mothers, too


To those unable to have children

To those with broken mother relationships

To those who don’t know their mothers


To the helicopter mothers

To the best friend mothers

To the exhausted mothers


On this Mother’s Day,

you are remembered

seen and heard

loved and valued

applauded and praised


We need you all.

You all are needed.

Thank you for being here.


At River Oaks Psychology, we see you and care about you no matter how you are celebrating (or not celebrating) Mother’s Day this year. We understand that relationships between mothers and children (including adult children) are often highly complex. Some people have positive relationships with their moms but not everybody does. It can be especially difficult when relationships are tainted by trauma, a lack of acceptance, chronic invalidation, misunderstandings, the unwillingness to compromise, maladaptive coping skills, or untreated mental illness. If you are struggling to sort out feelings related to your mom or your children, please reach out. Our online therapists would be honored to help you find greater peace and healing from whatever challenges you face.

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